Services and Fees


Ghent CareGivers operates on the principles of personal service and dedication to the highest standards in the caregiving profession. Our services for families include long-term, short-term and temporary which can be full-time, part-time, live-in, live-out, hotel, event and on-call. (Please see detailed descriptions below). We also provide the most comprehensive screening process available. For caregivers, we offer a support system which includes continuing education before and after placement.

Ghent CareGivers offers the following services:

  1. Preparation of detailed caregiver portfolio
  2. Assistance in creating a work agreement between families and caregivers
  3. Address tax questions and health insurance concerns for full time caregivers
  4. CPR and First Aid classes available for caregivers and parents
  5. Quarterly workshops regarding job related topics to promote excellence in our profession
  6. Comprehensive applicant screening

Live-In Nanny

A live-in nanny resides in the home and provides care for one or more children on a full-time basis. Live-in nannies typically work no more than five days a week. They are provided with a private bedroom and most live-in nannies have a private bathroom. Some families provide their live-in nanny with a suite which comes with a separate kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area.

It may seem that a live-in nanny has more responsibilities than a live-out nanny; however, oftentimes a live-in nanny has greater flexibility in their schedules and easier transitions between work and leisure since they have no commute time. Families often hire a live-in nanny when they realize doing so has no great affect to their overall living budget. Live-in nannies generally:

  • Prepare breakfast and get school age children ready for their day. They drive them to school or the bus stop.
  • Take children to extracurricular activities after school
  • Provide meals to children while actively on duty
  • Help children with homework
  • Assist children with bathing and maintaining healthy hygienic habits
  • Organize and maintain children’s bedrooms, closets and toys
  • Do children’s laundry and maintain their wardrobe
  • Potentially provide light housekeeping services, grocery shopping, etc.

In summary, the advantages of being a live-in nanny are no commuting, job security, a feeling of being part of the family unit, steady pay, and comfortable living arrangements which can make an easier adjustment to children and their families.

Full-Time Nanny

A full-time nanny who lives separately from the family has exactly the same responsibilities as the live-in nanny. Full-time nannies work between 40 – 50 hours each week.

  • Get children ready in the morning and take them to school, either by dropping them off at the bus stop or driving them
  • Take children to extracurricular activities
  • Provide meals to children while actively on duty
  • Help children with homework
  • Assist children with bathing and maintaining healthy hygienic habits
  • Organize and maintain children’s bedrooms, closets and toys
  • Do children’s laundry and maintain their wardrobe
  • Potentially provide light housekeeping services, grocery shopping, etc.

Part-Time Nanny

Part-time nannies work between 20-30 hours a week. Part-time work agreements specify the days and hours needed and whether the nanny and family agree to flexibility from week to week. The responsibilities are usually similar to a full-time nanny . . . only less hours.

Part-time nannies receive no vacation or health benefits.

Temp Nanny

Temp nannies agree to short term employment. For example, a family may be moving out of the area and only need a nanny for a few months. Sometimes a family needs someone while their regular nanny needs to be “on leave.” Likewise, temp nannies work “on call” as a substitute nanny if the regular nanny is ill or has a last minute emergency.

Academic Tutor

Academic tutoring is provided for subjects K – 12. Parents decide the amount of time needed and the location for tutoring. This might be in the tutor’s home, the student’s home, a library or other study-friendly environment.

Parents are always invited to be present during the sessions if they so wish.


Ghent CareGivers, Inc. screens babysitter candidates with the same careful screening process applied to all applicants. Our roster of babysitters include those that truly love children and enjoy spending time with them. However, a babysitter is not fully committed to a career as a nanny.

When requesting a babysitter, please give as much notice as possible since we want to give them adequate time to schedule your job.

Elder Care Companion

Our elder care companions have played a crucial role in improving the quality of life for seniors who are not chronically ill, yet require some type of supervision and assistance with daily living. This includes meal preparation, light housekeeping, hygienic assistance, errands, shopping – and above all – companionship.

If your family member, friend, or loved one enjoys their independence but is struggling with everyday activities, in-home elderly companion care is oftentimes a wonderful solution. Please keep in mind, our caregivers will not be hired to perform medical procedures. If you require medical assistance, we will be happy to refer healthcare professionals in our area.

Family Assistant

The family assistants combine caregiving responsibilities with other household roles. For example while the children are in school, the family assistant might be given tasks that are unrelated to the children. They enjoy running errands, straightening the house, cooking dinner, picking up groceries, etc. Currently, one of our family assistants combines the elder care companion role with housekeeping.

When considering whether you need a family assistant, think of having someone available to take care of the much needed “busy work” required for your family to run smoothly so family time can truly be “family time.”

Corporate Childcare

Small and large businesses throughout Hampton Roads hire teams of our caregivers for special events. Wedding planners and brides as well as families vacationing in our area find peace of mind knowing they can enjoy memorable times with their children with the help of a wonderful caregiver. It is important that your company plan ahead when scheduling caregivers for these special occasions.

GCG Fees

Ghent CareGivers, Inc. requires no registration or sign up fee. Families pay CGC only after the caregiver accepts the family’s offer and a work agreement has been signed by both caregiver and employer – before the caregiver reports to work. The family’s payment to Ghent CareGivers will be a one time fee based upon the caregiver’s hourly wages. In the Hampton Roads area, the average hourly rate for an experienced, professional nanny ranges between $12-$18 per hour. Our eldercare companions earn between $12-$25 an hour. Your caregiver’s hourly rate will depend upon job requirements as well as the caregiver’s qualifications and experience.

The one time placement fee to Ghent CareGivers is comparable or less than local and national care-giving placement agencies. Feel free to compare prices. We did!

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