FAQs (for Families)

How are your caregivers screened?

Ghent CareGivers, Inc. utilizes ADP Screening and Selection Service’s Identity Tools. These tools include First Check, which matches candidate’s social security number against the Social Security Administration’s database. This tool instantly confirms whether the social security number is valid, as well as when and where the social security number was issued. This is followed by a complete address history check using Smart Scan. This service examines various jurisdictions and public records to enumerate where a candidate has lived. This summative list is then used to target a criminal records search. We are confident the screening process at Ghent CareGivers, Inc. is the best available. In summary, GCG candidates are screened by:

  • Verification of all education and academic degrees
  • Past employment verified and references check. Including questions such as, “Would you hire this person again?”
  • Social Security ADP Search
  • Smart Scan (see above)
  • Multi-State sex offender
  • National Criminal Court Record
  • MVR – Motor Vehicle Records (Because our caregivers are responsible for transporting to and from various places, the MVR are performed. Candidates may be denied employment if they have too many points on their license.)

Upon request, further screening of a candidate, such as drug testing will be performed.

How do you find your caregivers?

Because we have been in the area for over 40 years, our caregivers come to us through word of mouth. We either know caregivers personally or know someone who can vouch for their reputation and work ethic. Many of our caregivers are retired school teachers or nurses, while others are recent college graduates or currently pursuing a degree. Most have many years of experience as nannies, tutors, nursing home workers and hospice care companions. Regardless of how well we know them or how long we’ve known them, each GCG candidate must pass the screening process, background check and reference check and stay current with every part of our screening process.

How long will the process of finding a caregiver take?

The length of time it takes to find a caregiver is typically 4 to 6 weeks from the day we receive your application. We guide you every step of the way and stay in close contact with you throughout the process.

What happens if the caregiver we hire does not work out for our family?

GCG wants you to be secure in your hiring decision. Therefore, we offer a generous 1-year replacement option. If you have hired a caregiver, but a replacement becomes necessary within 1 year, we will assist you in locating another nanny at no additional charge.
If you need to utilize this replacement clause, you can be confident that Ghent CareGivers, Inc. will treat your family with the utmost priority. Our number one goal is to know you are 100% satisfied with your caregiver.

What makes Ghent CareGivers stand out as premier caregiving professionals?

The caregivers we refer have a genuine love and commitment to the well-being of their families. They have a reputation of going above and beyond a family’s expectation and they also have extensive experience.

Furthermore, a support system is in place for families and caregivers long after a match has been made. Our quarterly workshops provide continuing education which creates a personal and unique accountability. We not only require current CPR and First Aid certification, we provide these classes for our parents and caregivers along with relevant job related education.

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