FAQs (for Caregivers)

How are your caregivers screened?

Ghent CareGivers, Inc. utilizes ADP Screening and Selection Service’s Identity Tools. These tools include First Check, which matches a candidate’s social security number against the Social Security Administration’s database. This tool instantly confirms whether the social security number is valid, as well as when and where the social security number was issued. This is followed by a complete address history check using Smart Scan. This service examines various jurisdictions and public records to enumerate where a candidate has lived. This summative list is then used to target a criminal records search. We are confident the screening process at Ghent CareGivers, Inc. is the best available! In summary, GCG candidates are screened by:

  • Verification of all education and academic degrees
  • Past employment verified and references check.
  • Social Security ADP Search
  • Smart Scan (see above)
  • Multi-State sex offender
  • National Criminal Court Record
  • MVR – Motor Vehicle Records (because our caregivers are responsible for transporting to and from various places, the MVR are performed. Candidates may be denied employment if they have too many points on their license)

In addition to these screening tools, 2 excellent character references are required. Upon request, further screening of a candidate, such as drug testing, can be done.

Do I pay a fee to Ghent CareGivers, Inc. after I have been hired?

No, caregivers do not pay a fee.

What should I expect as a salary?

Our caregivers earn hourly wages between $13 to $20 an hour. Experience, educational background and salary history impact earning potential.

What will be my responsibilities as a caregiver for Ghent CareGivers, Inc.?

Responsibilities vary from family to family. Some nannies are expected to take all child related duties. This may include a child’s laundry, cleaning of the child’s bedroom and playroom, tidying up the kitchen after meals. Depending upon the child’s age, you will be expected to guide the child in age-appropriate learning activities. Some caregivers are responsible for child related errands such as arranging play dates and transporting the children to and from activities or dental/doctor appointments. Keep in mind, before a caregiver is offered a job, a work agreement will be signed to make sure both the caregiver and the family understand and accept the responsibilities.

What happens after I submit my application to Ghent CareGivers, Inc.?

As soon as we receive your application, we contact your previous employers and begin the background screening process. We then contact you to schedule a face to face interview. This interview is a very important part of the process in allowing us to match you with the right family. We then let you know about available positions and set up interviews with the families. Once you accept a position, a work agreement – agreed upon by both you and the family – is signed and date to begin work is decided.

I have raised my own children and also taken care of elderly family members, but have never worked outside the home as a professional caregiver. Can I be considered for a job with Ghent CareGivers?

At Ghent CareGivers,Inc. we prefer professional related references to be considered for employment. You are encouraged to provide families with work and character references who are not family and friends. Therefore, we strongly recommend you gain at least two years of experience working as a professional caregiver before applying. However, in some cases, a family will agree to interview a caregiver who has clearly demonstrated expertise in her field through many years (15+) of “life experiences” which have prepared her perfectly to work as a nanny or eldercare companion.

I have experience working with seniors but not in a home environment. Can you describe the responsibilities of elder care in home companions?

Giving our elderly loved one the support they need to successfully live independently is a priority. Ghent CareGivers, Inc. matches elder care companions with those who need non-medical support to successfully live in and maintain their homes. Our elder care companions are experienced, well-referenced providers who strive to provide compassionate care as they meet the needs of others.

We understand the level of companionship and care individuals require is unique.
Our senior companions are available on a live-in, live-out, part-time or full-time basis.

Senior care companions serve as a trusted friend and confidant to our senior clients. They spend time engaged in conversation with their clients and participating in recreational activities the client may enjoy, such as playing card games, reading, attending church or shopping.

– Assistance

From helping to prepare meals and snacks to reminding clients to take their medication, senior care companions provide non-medical assistance to elder clients. In addition to providing companionship, our senior care companions may transport clients to and from appointments and run errands such as grocery shopping. They may also do the client’s laundry and assist the client with self-care.

– Home Care

Our senior companions can help keep the client’s home tidy and organized as well as assist with basic home maintenance, including changing light bulbs, keeping walkways free from debris and changing smoke detector batteries.

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