Mrs. Kim Supan
Nanny, Chesapeake, VA

As a long time pre-school teacher and day care provider, I decided to consider a different aspect of my career. The founder of Ghent CareGivers gave me an opportunity to work as a nanny for two wonderful families. I fell in love with the children and continue to work for one of the families today. What I appreciate most about working with Ghent CareGivers is knowing I have the camaraderie of other nannies and ready counsel of childcare experts long after I have been hired. I am convinced this on-going accountability distinguishes Ghent CareGivers from other placement agencies.

Dr. Paula Markham
Clinical Psychologist, Norfolk, VA

My mother, who is 93, lives with me. I needed a caregiver for when I was at work.  My mother was a trained RN. She was married to a physics professor who taught at a vibrant small private college situated in Lexington, VA, where my mother attended lectures, concerts, and debates until she was 90. It was important to me that I find a caregiver who would respect my mother's level of independence, provide stimulating conversation, and understand how to communicate in a friendly, non-patronizing way.  I was looking for an intelligent companion, not a babysitter or nurse. The caregiver referred to me by Ghent CareGivers was a perfect fit. My family is grateful to Ghent CareGivers for understanding the exact level of care I needed.

Denise Flanagan
Computer Programmer, Canon Corp

When my family moved to the US from Ireland, I had a five month old son and a four year old daughter. I was concerned about finding a nanny who could meet the high standards I expected from a caregiver. Ghent CareGivers Inc, introduced me to a real-life "Mary Poppins." She was fun-loving yet firm and always responsible. As my children grew older and became involved in activities, she drove them wherever they needed to be and helped with homework. Without reservation, I recommend Ghent CareGivers to those who insist upon the highest standards in caregiving.

Dr. M. E. Scully
Professor ODU, Norfolk, VA

My wife and I have demanding careers and often work late hours. We anticipated a difficult transition when the time came to leave our newborn son since we had no family in the area to help. Fortunately the nanny referred to us became like a "family" member. We knew from the beginning she loved our child and it was obvious she was an expert in infant care. I actually discovered some valuable tips from her regarding sleep training and infant massage. Above all, we had peace of mind knowing our baby was happy and safe while we were away.

Beverly Schuster
Virginia Beach, VA

When my daughter began her senior year of high school, a writing tutor was needed. The tutor we hired (from Ghent CareGivers) ended up being a wonderful asset to my daughter’s academic success. As a result, my daughter became much more proficient in written and verbal communication skills. The tutor developed an excellent rapport with my daughter as well.

Page Roest
Norfolk, VA

As a family assistant, I am grateful to be represented by Ghent Caregivers, Inc. My job placements are made with careful consideration since GCG looks out for their caregivers as well as their families. Currently, I work as an elder care companion and housekeeper for a very enjoyable and pleasant family. An added blessing with my current job is how close it is to my house!

Paul Amodio

You will not find a placement service better than Ghent CareGivers, Inc. The owner, Kathy Grey, has an unsurpassed warmth and love for children. This translates into her ability to find the right fit for your family. We have employed two wonderful nannies who split time caring for our 2 year old and 6 old children. The nannies have been with our 2 year old since infancy. Our children love it when the nanny arrives each morning to play with them and teach them new things. Another wonderful (and unexpected) benefit provided by our nannies includes homemade chicken soup and special treats when one of us has been under the weather. I rarely give recommendations, but I wholeheartedly recommend Ghent CareGivers, Inc. for anyone looking for the best.

Paul Amodio
Division Chief, Navy Customer Facing

The Hinshaw Family

First of all, I want to thank Ghent Caregivers Inc. for referring a capable and highly qualified Caregiver.
She was very knowledgeable and her training and experience
was exactly what we needed. She was a good fit for knowing exactly how to care for my needs after returning from the hospital.

She was on time or early each day and respected our privacy by calling before she arrived. Besides meeting my needs she also helped my wife by going grocery shopping and doing some housework when needed.

Because our caregiver was very positive and professional, I can highly endorse caregiver placements made through Ghent CareGivers, Inc.

Gwen Guill

We want to express our thanks to Ghent Care Givers for referring our new assistant. She has worked out wonderfully. Top quality work and she has been flexible on scheduling when we've needed it. We are new to the area and are so appreciative of the comfort level the referral service available to us by already vetting the people they refer.

Susan and Steve Nichols

Ghent CareGivers provided exceptional care for my bedridden 91-year-old mother since November 2015. Her two primary caregivers provide overnight care 5 days each week in 12-hour shifts, coordinating with each other to provide continuous coverage week to week. Not only do they provide excellent physical care for her, they also have become trusted companions. Mother feels she has two new best friends! By using Ghent CareGivers, it has been possible for us to provide quality care in our home for an aging parent who otherwise would require skilled nursing facility placement. They are a true blessing to our family!

Mrs. Paige Hicks

My mother-in-law is 86 years old and lives alone. In recent years, we realized she needed someone who could help with house cleaning, gardening and various other household tasks. We know the caregiver will eventually be asked to drive to appointments, church and various social activities such as bridge luncheons and garden club events. The caregiver we hired exceeded our family's expectations. She does home repairs better than any handyman we know. She doesn't mind being "on call" for unexpected situations. Since family members live out of town, it gives us tremendous peace knowing our caregiver is willing to be there for my mother-in-law whenever a need arises. Above all, the caregiver understands how important it is not to hover too closely since my mother-in-law is fiercely independent. The caregiver has actually become an extension of our family. My mother-in-law considers her a delighful friend. Many thanks to the owner of Ghent CareGivers, Inc. for providing the perfect caregiver for my mother-in-law!

Kempsville Family

My mother required complete care and constant supervision and attention. Our caregiver provided all that my mother needed.

My mother’s long life of independence has not helped her to adjust to limited activity. At times she became difficult. Our caregiver adapted to her wishes, needs and moods with understanding and compassion. She also assisted my wife and me with day-to-day chores for my mom and my family. She was always eager to help in any way she could, with cooking, cleaning, laundry, shopping and errands.

My mother, my wife and I could not have had a more honest and good companion for Mom than the person referred to us by Ghent CareGivers, Inc.

Mrs. V. Hitchings

My mother will soon turn 89 years old. She has dementia and cannot be left alone. Dementia results in an individual being unable to make responsible decisions. There have been many difficult displays of "acting out" as a result of my mother's condition. Despite such challenging situations, our care-giver exhibited strong decision making capabilities in every circumstance. Without hesitation, she provided comfort and safety for my mother at all times. My Mom has not had the ability to accomplish personal hygiene tasks without supervision and assistance. Our caregiver is able to approach her in a way to elicit better cooperation while assisting her. My mother has been taken on enjoyable outings with our caregiver which include shopping, hair and nail appointments and out go eat lunch. I highly recommend the caliber of caregivers referred by Ghent CareGivers due to the honesty, integrity and care-giving skills our caregiver exemplified while taking care of my mother.

Gresham Family

Ghent Caregivers has been such a blessing to our family! They helped us find the most wonderful nanny for our infant son. Our nanny is timely and organized. All candidates that were presented to us were well qualified for the position. We would recommend Ghent Caregivers to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of care for their loved one.

Abney Family

Being new to town I expected it would take a long time, and some trial and error, to find someone to help with the household duties for our family of five. Ghent CareGivers, provided a referral for a family assistant who energetically jumped in to help even while we were still unpacking and under renovation. She is a flexible, reliable, self-starter. I'm grateful to both her and Ghent Caregivers for helping ease our transition and getting our home back up and running!

McFarland Family
McFarland Family

Our nanny is AMAZING. I describe her as a Tinkerbell when talking with friends, in the best possible way. My son *loves* her so, so much. She has such a wonderful soul, and we are all so thrilled she is part of our family's lives and soon to be baby #2's life. It really is wonderful knowing our little man is with someone who loves him and works hard to provide fun and play, which is what life is all about at this age!
The interview process and placement went really well -- it was much less stressful than it could have been, which I really appreciated. I have anxiety about meeting people, but the background and photo were great for prepping us to meet them. Even the people who didn't work out were pretty great, and it was good to be able to give Ghent CareGivers' feedback immediately on them and feel like it went over well, even when the people weren't a good fit for our family.

Cordovana Family
Cordovana Family

Our family definitely enjoyed our nanny and we were all disappointed that my job position changed suddenly and we no longer needed her. Our nanny was very engaged with both of our daughters. I always felt comfortable with her care. Both of the girls warmed up to her quickly and she asked me very relevant questions and was eager to understand our routine. She also came to the house with a few games and activities that she used to entertain our daughters and they were spot-on as far their interests and abilities. I was always impressed when our nanny would ask me, "Is there anything else I can help you with before I leave?" It was nice to know she wouldn't dash out the door if we were in a tough spot and she showed concern that she did a good job.

The placement process was great. I really appreciated the timeliness of responses to our questions. I felt like our placement specialist completely understood my situation and my needs from the beginning and did not just want to fill a position. I will gladly recommend Ghent CareGivers to any of my friends looking for a nanny.